5 Destinations to visit in Tanzania this holiday season.



So the holiday season is coming up. What are your plans? As for me, my perfect vision of a holiday vacation would be lying on a beach sipping Pina Colada facing the beautiful turquoise waters of Zanzibar. You know holiday calories don’t count right? Until you get back home and realize you’ve gained a full ton and spend the rest of the year crying yourself on a treadmill.

Nungwi beach Zanzibar

Most people see the holidays as the time to unwind with their families and welcome the new year together. How you want to spend your holidays will completely depend on your budget and interests. I am going to list down some of my favorite common and not so common destinations to visit in the country, some of these are not technically destinations but attractions within a destination. Just thought id clarify that. Okay here we go!


Its been a while since I visited Ngorongoro, but after all these years I still cant get over the magnificence of the crater. I mean the animals within the crater make it just as fascinating, but the crater is a wonder all on its own, and I can not wait to visit there again (which is probably going to be pretty soon). Unique facts about the crater is that it is actually the largest unbroken caldera in the world. The variety of wildlife in Ngorongoro is spectacular as well, ranging from animals such as Lions, Black rhinoceros, hippos, African bush elephants, African buffalo, Blue wildebeest, Grants zebra and many more. This is definitely not an experience to miss!


Okay so maybe wildlife isn’t your thing. That’s fine. You and your loved ones can indulge yourselves into the mysticism of the spice island. I mentioned before that couple of months from now I want to be next to the ocean, feeling the breeze in my face, faint sounds of sea gulls, perfect bliss! You cant go wrong with Zanzibar, it’s utterly impossible. Back to reality, we have amazing offers for Zanzibar coming up soon. And the best part is since this is one of the most famous family destinations, we will be having special treats and suprises up our sleeves. So Stay tuned!



So you got yourself thinking again, ”you know what, maybe I do want a safari after all, but I just cant afford Serengeti or Ngorongoro right now.” That’s cool. I got you! Mikumi is an  awesome destination, especially if you’re running low on  budget or time. You can have just as much of a safari experience in Mikumi as you would in Serengeti. Okay so maybe you wont see the great migration, but there are still other cool things to see there, some scholars even say that the landscape in Mikumi is similar to the one in Serengeti. You will get the chance to see the big five (sorry the rhinos wont be joining the party), some beautiful natural landscape sceneries and what’s even cooler is that you can save up that accommodation cost if you want by taking a day trip.


Chemka is an attraction located in Rundugai Moshi( a town in Northern Tanzania). I had to list down this place as a must visit because of its indescribable beauty. Reaching the hot springs requires a not so pleasant drive through some bad roads, but believe me the drive is worth it. You will be taken away by the beautiful scenery of the turquoise colored hot water pool. But Caution!! If you plan to swim and you are not a good swimmer Please use a floater at all times, the water can be as deep as over 60 feet while other parts are a bit more shallow. Stay safe.


I saved the best for last. This place holds a special place in my heart, It may not be very a famous destination but lets face it,all the best things are hidden. Located in the Usambara mountain hills of the region of Tanga, lies a beautiful paradise of exotic flora and fauna, breathtaking waterfalls and a landscape of greenery only altered by mother nature. I have visited Lushoto more than three times, each trip was better than the last. I really cant say enough about this place, you need to see it for yourself to get what I mean.

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