The Lake Manyara Game Drive


So our game drive at the Lake Manyara national park was very quick because we had a very tight schedule, we barely had time to stop around and really make some good viewings. Despite that, we still got to see some pretty cool sightings that were worth the reviews.
The entrance to the national park is as dramatic as it gets. The gate is huge with artificial water streams on each side of the gate. You are also welcomed with a huge sign that says ” Lake Manyara national park, home to the famous tree climbing lions ”. Obviously knowing me ,I took some really bomb pictures of myself at the gate, that for obvious reasons will not share with you. But you can still get to see the photos of the gate.

Entrance gate of the Lake Manyara National park

The Tree climbing lions

The national park is home to the famous tree climbing lions (which we did not get the privilege to see sadly) don’t get discouraged, we were not even looking for them. But according to reviews from other tourist visitors one of the biggest showcases of the national park are the ”visible” tree climbing lions  (so don’t put those binoculars back in the bag and call it a day just yet). It was kind of interesting to find out that even the zoologists do not quite understand how the lions adopted this behavior.


The Elephants

You wont miss an elephant sighting even if you tried, at least that was the case in our experience. Although Tarangire has the largest groups of elephants, you are less likely to go anywhere else with more concentration of elephants like the lake Manyara national park. We saw so many on the way to the lodges and camps within the national park. Some elephants would just come out of nowhere and onto the road, it was both frightening and pretty cool.

The Lake

One of the most astounding features of the national park was the Lake Manyara itself and all its glory. We drove past it but you could still be hypnotized by its crystal turquoise waters. We also saw a reasonable number of Zebras and antelopes on the lake shore and a large family of flamingos.
I did a little  reading about the lake, apparently it is a slightly salty lake that experiences extreme evaporation during the dry season but can fill up during the wet season that you can do watersports such as canoeing. The lake also homes a large number of wild life such as Hippopotamus, flamingoes and aquatic life.
I think I was snoozing or something because I asked my guide what the heck is an ocean doing in a national park? He gave me the weirdest look. Took me a minute to realize how stupid that question was. I mean the lake is literally in the name of the national park.

Lake Manyara

What are you waiting for? Plan your trip now.

Book your next safari with us and we will ensure you have the time of your life. I genuinely wished I had more time to really take in and absorb the place because without a doubt it is one of the most beautiful and breath taking places I have ever visited. And I’m not just saying that. The national park is also home to beautiful wildlife such as giraffes, buffalos, antelopes and some of the largest baboon troops in Africa,so not a minute at the park will be a bore.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Take care.
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