Choosing an accommodation for a safari


Okay so this is a very objective and tricky subject. Whether you are going for a 5 star accommodation or a cheap lodge may all depend on the size of your budget, and how deep your pocket goes. I for one I’m a very price sensitive individual, but I also put comfort as one of my number one priorities when travelling.
During my recent trip I was able to visit more than 12 properties within and outside the national parks in the Northern zone of Tanzania and I was able to see different kinds and classes of accommodations, the properties catered different needs of the tourists based on their preferences and budget

Manyara’s Serena hotel is a beautiful spot with a breath taking view. The hotel appeals more to the clients who prefer luxury and comfort to a raw bush experience.
Kilimamoja lodge in Manyara is also an amazing luxury accommodation alternative.

Since this article is from my own perceptions. I’m going to give a personal description of what I think would be the perfect safari accommodation. I genuinely believe when you choose to go on a safari  you want to be connected to nature as safely close as possible, and with that I prefer choosing accommodations that are close to nature and those that have a more green or natural feel to it, you know what I mean? Let me show you some few references.

Africa safari Glamping lodge


The Africa safari gampling lodge in mto wa mbu.

I had the privilege to stay in this property for a night and it was amazing. Ok sure it’s not located inside a national park (you wont see an elephant trespassing near your tent, sorry!) but to be honest you will probably  be saving a few bucks than staying in a property within a national park. Apart from the animals you still get a pretty decent bush and nature experience within the comfort of a cozy tent and a hot running shower. I stayed in a luxury tent which had a fantastic view facing the greenery fields of the lake Manyara. Oh and the food is super! I still wish I could go back there just for their lasagna.
Here are a few more pictures of the interior of my tent and the overall land scape of the property.

The pool.
Bell tents.
interior of the bell tents.

One issue that I had during my stay was how long you actually have to wait for the water to heat up for a shower, apart from that everything else was perfect. They even placed a fruit basket in my room which I thought was really sweet.

Wayo Green camp

I also got the chance to visit a camp within the Lake Manyara national park which was also one of my personal favorites. What really stood out for me was its eco-friendly theme. They don’t use flushing toilets (no it is not gross!)  nor running water, but they use manual shower heads and a compost wooden toilet that has a waste bucket underneath which is replaced daily. They also avoid plastic, so instead of normal plastic water bottles they use recycled wine bottles which are refilled after every room service.
Also one thing I found really funny and yet clever is that the wastes collected in the compost toilets are taken to their vegetable fields in Arusha and used as manures which when grown, the vegetables are used as food in the camp. Talk about ”what goes around comes back around” that’s funny right? no?…anyway, here are some photos of the property.

Outdoor bathroom with a compost toilet.

Some other few honorable mentions that really had that safari and a bush experience feel to it was the Elewana treetop lodge and the Sopa lodge.

Elewana treetop lodge.
Sopa lodge.

There are a hundreds and even thousands of properties to choose from, whether you will stay within or outside a nature reserve or national park will fully depend on you and how much you are willing to pay. To ensure you don’t make any mistakes when choosing the perfect accommodation we suggest you do your own research and also consult a tour operator so you could asses the quality of your findings.
Here at KARIBU we want to make sure nothing goes wrong on your safari,because trust me if the accommodation sucks I guarantee you more than half of your trip will likely be ruined. We want to make sure you get an experience well worth your money. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help.
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