Kitulo National Park (God’s garden)


Tanzania Is famous for its traditional safari destinations such as the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara and so many other wild based national parks and game reserves. Rarely do people talk about natural gardens when they think of Tanzania. It could be my biased thinking, I don’t know. But lets put my theory to the test. Have you heard of Kitulo? If you have congratulations, and If you haven’t then I guess I stand corrected haha!
Kitulo is a national park located between Mbeya and Njombe region in the Southern western part of Tanzania. It is known by the locals as the ”Bustani ya Mungu” or ” God’s garden” ,this name was given due to its large fields of untouched wild flowers and wondrous eco-systems. What really motivated me to write about this place is its exotic and distinctive features. Kitulo is the only national park in the tropical part of Africa that was established primarily to protect its flora.

So the park was officially introduced in 2002 by the president of Tanzania who was then Benjamin Mkapa. It was intended to introduce a new group of tourists with attractions for exotic flora and fauna species and also bird watchers.

Blue swallow bird, one of the many exotic birds found in Kitulo national park.


Denham’s bastard bird, also found in Kitulo national park.

The entire garden has a total of around 350 species of plants which include numerous ground orchids, geophytes and Afro alpine plants.  The park also includes 45 species of endemic orchids.
The park also has varieties of forests such as the living stone forest which is located in the former living stone forest reserve which was added to the national park back in 2005. The forest also has a limited number of mammal species such as the Rungwe dwarf galago, Kipunji, and the Abbotts duiker.

Abbotts duiker is one of the few mammals found in the Kitulo national park.

There is also the Ndimbi forest which is also located in the eastern part of the Kitulo national park, the forest is characterized by its distinctive mountain evergreen landscape of the East African cedar.
The park is a paradise for any bird lover or an exotic plant specie enthusiast, or If you just want a location to relax and take bomb Instagram photos. I highly recommend to visit this exotic park. You will not be disappointed.

Waterfalls in Kitulo national park.

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