My Marangu Experience


Most people know Marangu as one of the most popular routes to climb The Kilimanjaro. Few know of it as a destination on its own.  Marangu is a town located in the Kilimanjaro region, It is located near the slopes of the Kilimanjaro mountain.
Due to its elevation the weather is usually very cool and the landscape is ever green thanks to the natural water streams coming from the mountain.

I visited Marangu back in September this year, and I must say it was by far one of the most breath taking destinations I have ever visited.  Marangu is home to wondrous water falls, an indescribable land scape, fantastic weather, and good food. The people there are also super friendly. Its not uncommon for people to greet you on the streets.
I made an accommodation booking in Kilimanjaro mountain resort. This Is a popular hotel for Kilimanjaro climbers, and I could see why, its a cozy little lodge surrounded by lush gardens. The lodge also has a pool and a gym. The customer service is also very good and the staff are super friendly. The owner himself made sure we were enjoying our stay.

The pool.


My stay was five days. I had different activities planned out, such as visiting the water falls, a nature walk, and also visiting museums and historical attractions like the famous Chagga caves. I also had a really nice tour guide, his name was Msafiri, he made sure I felt welcome and  free to ask any questions during my tour.


The ancient Chagga caves
Wild raspberries


Marangu is a beautiful destination and if you are going to climb the Kilimanjaro and plan to use the Marangu route then I suggest you squeeze in a couple of days prior or after your climb to just explore this exotic mountain paradise. I felt extremely relaxed during and after my trip. Sometimes all you need is some green to get your mental and emotional energy back. Nature is the best healer and I think all of us can agree on that.
Here are some more photos of Marangu, enjoy!
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