Tanzanite ” A thousand times rarer than diamonds”

I’m dedicating this short article to all the jewelry and gemstone lovers out there. I love gems just as much as I love travelling, and I’ve been dying to write this article for a while now. I’ve always had an obsession with gemstones, and this goes way back to my childhood where I used to have a huge collection of different rough crystals (still do!), and I don’t think I’m hurting anybody if I write a little about one of Tanzanian’s most priceless treasures, the Tanzanite.
Due to its wide spread popularity I am certain that you’ve heard the name before. Tanzanite is a variety of a mineral group known as Ziosite, which has inclusions of small amounts of vanadium belonging to the epidole group.
Now I know you don’t need a degree in geology to know that this stone is gorgeous.

The gem was officially named Tanzanite by Tiffany&Co, a world famous jewelry brand. The gem was named after its only source country in the world, Tanzania. The stone is in fact found in a very small mining area that is 4km long and 2km wide near the Mererani hills in the northern part of Tanzania.

Tanzanite experience tour

If you are fascinated about this exotic gem and want to learn more then you will love the Tanzanite experience tour. This tour will give you a chance to learn about the history, mystery and rarity of this precious gem.

A replica of a tanzanite mine in the Tanzanite museum.

The tour isn’t long and may take from around 2 to 3 hours or even less depending on your schedule. The tour includes visual exhibitions, interactive tours and even a replica of  a Tanzanite mineshaft. You will learn and discover how Tanzanite is created, mined, polished and graded.
The museum is located in the center of Arusha, it also has a Tanzanite store attached to it so you can buy a certified gem directly from the source. Since the tour is easily accessible you can just add it to your city tour activities.Its definitely an experience you will enjoy

A piece of a rough tanzanite.


Here’s a beautiful poem written by Jodie Williams describing the mystical stone.


I have lay dormant for too long now
slept in the shadows, undiscovered.
Until the all knowing mind and
excited eye of a Maasai shepherd
extracts me from my mountainous shell.
From ultramarine to lilacy violet,
christened the Blue Zoisite
Adopted by Tiffany who cried in despair
‘It sounds too much like suicide’
Renamed Tanzanite, after its origin
a most precious, unique purple gem,
or am I, not purple but yellowy-brown
A lavender hue, some might claim.
A newbie compared to the oldest of rubies
a rebel that will not be mined.
Immaculate elegance, exclusively
the most dazzling of earthly designs.
(27th July 2011)

Since were talking about Arusha, let me share with you My Arusha experience.

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