” Sauti za busara” is a Swahili term meaning ”Sounds of wisdom”. The Sauti za busara festival is probably one of the biggest music festivals in East Africa, it attracts thousands of tourists and several hundred performers each year. The festival is normally held on February each year. For 2020 the dates will be from 13th to 16th February.
This is unlike your regular music festival. The main highlight of the entire event is to showcase the diversity of African music. Next year 400 artists are expected to perform from all over Africa. Artists such as Juma Nature from Tanzania, Eli Maliki of Uganda, Bebe Baya of Guinea and Mamy Kanoute from Senegal are just a few of the hundred performers that will be showing off on stage.
The festival itself will be held at the old fort building (a historical building in Zanzibar) in Stone town. There will also be other fringe events taking place around the town during this time including a carnival street parade. The island comes alive at this time and its a completely different energy.

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This festival also provides a platform for local Swahili artists by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world.

Mim Suleiman at Sauti za Busara (2015) photo: Peter Bennet


Make sure you make your reservations early because I’m not going to lie, it does get super busy and overbooked towards the beginning of the year. Give us a call or email us and we will give you different varieties of accommodation options together with personalized tours around Stone town and other parts of the island. And who knows we might catch up during the festival. See you there!

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