Travelling on a budget can be very tricky, especially when you dont have a stick to the budget plan. I know how tempting it can be to swipe your card for that extra pair of converse. The pain hits in when you get home and receive your invoice and go like ”I spent 50 dollars on a pair of jeans!!!” worst feeling ever because you cant take anything back. Well at least you got that designer jeans that you’ll probably wear once in a blue moon, right?

Im not an economist or the perfect money handling adult or whatever you call them, but I do have some tricks up my sleeve that have helped me in the past not to overspend while on a trip. Hopefully they’ll be equally as helpful to you as they were to me. Well, here we go!


Be stingy!

Hahah I’m kidding! but what I mean is you really need to have a numerical fixed budget for your whole trip in advance that in no way should you exceed. This requires a bit of research about the money culture of your destination. Learning about how much basic things cost such as a bottle of water or public transportation cost will give you a reasonable idea of how much you need to put aside for your trip.


Fly for less

Based on where you’re from flight tickets can be super expensive. So what’s my basic o’l trick to save myself a few bucks? Flying smart! Meaning I only book for flights during the lowest seasons. Not only that but I also stay on the look out for the happy hours of the week.  The prices can go lower than half of the actual ticket fare.


Divide your money

This is for the obvious security reasons, the last thing you want in your trip is to have your whole wallet with all your money stolen. Leave some money in your locked safe, some in your locked suit case and always carry an extra wallet with a little cash for emergencies. Another good reason is that you will be in track of how much you spend on a daily basis during your trip since you are well aware of how much you carried and how much you remained with by the end of the day.



Keep small bills and change handy

People underestimate how much a hand full of coins and small notes can save you. You need change for literally everything. You want a soda from a vending machine? Bring them coins! You want to purchase a sandwich from subway? they will probably like you better if you pay through small notes and coins because that means more change for them. And of course you will save more money in the long run.


Rely on money alternatives and use public transportation.

Personally, this has always worked for me. When travelling to destinations such as the United Arab Emirates, Europe or Asia I always purchase a multi-use ticket for public transportation such as metros or buses. Here me out here! Not only do I save transport costs instead of taking a taxi or an Uber but I get to use the same ticket for as long as I paid for it, that means going to the same place multiple times with a cost probably even twice cheaper than a taxi or any other private transportation.


(The Golden question) Do I really need it or do I want it?

Do you really need that new Tom Ford Cologne? Asking yourself that will help you think twice before making a bad money decision. One of the things that really helps me to stay level headed when I’m in a store while travelling is to keep my priorities straight, I came to have a good time not buy unnecessary junk and that is what’s going to happen! a I would rather lie on a pool bench sipping margaritas than constantly worry if I still have cash or if my card will decline. But each with their own I guess!


Well that’s about it! Oh wait I forgot a few more!

  • Get cheap accommodation and save by replacing trade city hotels with those near the neighborhood.
  • Read about the costs in your destination before your trip.
  • Decide whether you will shop or not prior your trip.
  • During your stay stow your valuables securely in either a hotel room safe deposit box or an anti-theft bag.


Okay now I’m done! If you have any questions or suggestion please leave a comment or directly contact our tour operators and service providers we will be more than happy to help. Take care and safe travels!


Your Rafiki blogger here,

Signing out!

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