Do you ever take unplanned trips and end up in unexpected places? I usually do this when I’m bored. Yesterday was definitely one of those days. It was a public holiday and I was tired of staying indoors all day so I went for a drive, On the road I saw a billboard written ” Bahari beach zoo” so  I was like meh! why not?

I turned left and followed the direction based on the road signs. I must say I wasn’t too impressed when I got there. The zoo looked like a private property in someone’s house and the fact that  I paid 5000 Tshs for the entrance made me feel like I was being ripped off. Also introducing me to a 14 year old guide (son of the owner) made me think that this whole place is a joke (turns out he was really good at what he does by the way).

But never judge a book by its cover. My perception quickly changed when I began my tour, apparently they have lions, turtles, snakes, wildebeests, Storks, different varieties of monkeys, and….wait for it, A giraffe! Here are some pictures I took of the property, enjoy!!


Turtle climbing is a popular activity in Tanzania, its mostly popular in the Prison (Changuu) island in Zanzibar. But don’t worry, no turtles are harmed. I personally tried to limit my weight load on this beautiful creature by slightly standing.

The Giraffe sighting was my favorite part of the whole tour, I personally have never been that close and intimate with a giraffe before, and if that wasn’t enough, the icing on the cake was getting to feed the giraffe. I never knew such activity was so close to where I live! I mean I know there is a giraffe ranch in Nairobi but you definitely have to pay a lot more just to feed the giraffes. The experience was extremely unforgettable and I will definitely visit there again. Here are some snaps of the experience.

If you have any enquiries or would wish to visit this exotic place please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment on the article. We will be more than happy to serve you. Until next time! Take care and safe travels!

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