Do you ever take unplanned trips and end up in unexpected places? I usually do this when I’m bored. Yesterday was definitely one of those days. It was a public holiday and I was tired of staying indoors all day so I went for a drive, On the road I saw a billboard written ” Bahari beach zoo” so  I was like meh! why not?

I turned left and followed the direction based on the road signs. I must say I wasn’t too impressed when I got there. The zoo looked like a private property in someone’s house and the fact that  I paid 5000 Tshs for the entrance made me feel like I was being ripped off. Also introducing me to a 14 year old guide (son of the owner) made me think that this whole place is a joke (turns out he was really good at what he does by the way).

But never judge a book by its cover. My perception quickly changed when I began my tour, apparently they have lions, turtles, snakes, wildebeests, Storks, different varieties of monkeys, and….wait for it, A giraffe! Here are some pictures I took of the property, enjoy!!


Turtle climbing is a popular activity in Tanzania, its mostly popular in the Prison (Changuu) island in Zanzibar. But don’t worry, no turtles are harmed. I personally tried to limit my weight load on this beautiful creature by slightly standing.

The Giraffe sighting was my favorite part of the whole tour, I personally have never been that close and intimate with a giraffe before, and if that wasn’t enough, the icing on the cake was getting to feed the giraffe. I never knew such activity was so close to where I live! I mean I know there is a giraffe ranch in Nairobi but you definitely have to pay a lot more just to feed the giraffes. The experience was extremely unforgettable and I will definitely visit there again. Here are some snaps of the experience.

If you have any enquiries or would wish to visit this exotic place please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment on the article. We will be more than happy to serve you. Until next time! Take care and safe travels!

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Well look at you! Trying to get into the cultural spirit and all! Good for you! There is nothing that I love more than seeing open minded people diverging themselves in the local culture, even if their traditions, dressing styles or ways of life are completely different from their own.

Now don’t worry I will make this as easy as possible for you. Tanzanian attire is very cheap (based on where you buy it) and you can literally get a genuine Tanzanian fabric peace for just a couple of dollars. It’s a totally different story if you’re buying online though, at least that is from my own experience.

The are a few tips that can help you dress like a local but without looking like a total weirdo, here we go!


Dress culturally casual.

You will notice when you visit Tanzanian that the locals have pretty much basic dress codes, jeans , t-shirts, shorts are all very popular among different age groups in the country. But if you really want to add a little African PAZAAZ to your casual wear you can opt for a dashiki shirt. It is definitely one of my personal favorites, I wear them with everything, jeans, shorts, khaki trousers you name it!

If you look at my other articles you will see me wearing different colors and designs of the Dashiki shirt.



There are so many different varieties of African attires for both men and women that you can choose from based on your interests and styles. Once you arrive in Tanzania you will see different souvenir and African clothing stores where you can choose whatever you like. Im not a fashion guy and you will notice that by how short this article is, I really don’t have that much to say haha!


Khanga and Vitenge

These are signature fabrics for majority of local Tanzanian attire, mostly preferred by women. These fabrics are also popular in other African countries as well, people call it the ” African fabric”. If you want to make it simple to tell them apart just know  that a khanga will be softer to the touch with less detailed patterns compared to a Kitenge.



I also compiled some photos of beautiful women rocking these exotic fabrics.

So I guess I’m a fashion blogger now haha! Anyway I hope this article was a little helpful to you.



Oh!I almost forgot to mention this. Tanzania does not have strict rules and regulations about dress codes but our country has a rich ethical back ground that backs us up with what we perceive appropriate to wear and what isn’t. My advice is in order to stay on the safe side just try to avoid wearing extremely revealing  clothes(unless you are at the beach or the club), if you can keep that in mind, then you will be just fine and you will enjoy your time here.

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The Kilimanjaro mountain is one of the most spectacular wonders of nature. Every year at the end of February and beginning of March a special marathon is held at the foot hills of mount Kilimanjaro in the town of Moshi, Tanzania. The purpose of the marathon is to promote sports and recreation while also promoting local economy of the area.

Photo source: African Rooftop

For the year 2020 the marathons will be held from 1st March. It is an amazing experience and an awesome place to be,  especially at this time. And the best part is you can add a little spice to your trip by combining your journey with a couple of days  in Serengeti  for a game drive or let your muscles recover on the beach sands of Zanzibar, or you can have both! Why not!

So the marathon is divided into three levels which are:

  • The Standard marathon-42.2 km, starts at 6:30 am
  • The half marathon-21.1km, starts at 7:00 am
  • Fun run-5km, starts at 7:45 am

There are several requirements that differ based on the type of marathon level you registered for, for example you need to be at least 21 to go for the 42km marathon, 18 years for the 21km and 10 years and above for the fun run with a requirement of an adult escort of course. You can get more details about the regulations and standards from the Kili marathon website.

Photo source: Safari Bando

The marathon is super fun with the locals cheering you on along the way, and don’t get me started with the scenic views. Breath taking! The whole route is under the watch of mount Kilimanjaro and its exotic surrounding greenery. Also at the end of the finish line there will be music and sometimes live entertainment. Hospitality tents serving drinks and food and even masseuse tents will also be available.

This is an experience you do not want to miss! I myself will be booking for my own ticket soon, Hope to see you there!

You can get more information about the marathon from the

Please contact us for your bookings and accommodation requirements for your trip, we will make sure we design an itinerary that fits both your budget and schedule and give you an unforgettable experience while you’re here. Hoping to hear from you soon.

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